Wheelchair and Transport Chairs

   Lightweight and Portable

We understand that you may need a wheelchair for the day or forever, it is with this in mind that our experts will pair you with the most appropriate wheelchair or transport chair to best fit your needs. We offer a wide array of chairs from pediatric wheelchairs to bariatric wheelchairs. Every patient is different and we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible in times of limited mobility.

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Cold Therapy and DVT Prevention


We are proud to introduce the VPULSE system to our patients. This revolutionary device provides cold compression therapy to reduce: pain, inflammation and recovery time. With the combination of cold and compression you will be back to normal movement and activity in no time. Learn More

Continuous Passive Motion Machine (CPM)


When recovering from joint surgery of the knee, shoulder or wrist, a continuous passive motion machine (CPM) will allow the muscles to relax while keeping the joint in motion. This passive movement allows the patient to recover from surgery while continually increasing range of motion while at rest. Learn More

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