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​If you have deep vein thrombosis, you may wonder about the different treatments available to you. Often, the solution is simpler that you think: cold therapy. When you use cold therapy products to manage and treat your deep vein thrombosis, you can experience relief quickly and just about anywhere.

Additionally, if you’ve sustained an injury, cold therapy is one of the best ways to reduce the swelling and discomfort you feel. And if you’re a medical professional, you understand exactly how vital cold therapy is in treating injured patients.

The experts at Laguna Medical LLC have provided cold therapy products to patients in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas since 1998. If you need to invest in a personal cold therapy device for your home or you want to stock several devices for your medical facility, get in touch. We can provide you with the perfect piece of equipment for you and anyone you assist.

The VPULSE System

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Learn About the Benefits of Cold Therapy

We provide the VPULSE System for one reason: to provide anyone and everyone with convenient access to quality cold therapy treatment. This system allows you to easily attach ice bottles to any area of your body so you can benefit from this kind of treatment.

Our VPULSE System allows you to experience the following advantages:

  • Reduce inflammation and pain to prevent further discomfort in the affected area.
  • Flush out lactic acid in your muscles that can contribute to pain and soreness.
  • Reduce the likelihood of cell loss from lack of oxygen.
  • Lower your metabolic rate to assist your body with the healing process.
  • Prevent muscle spasms that can add to your discomfort.

After you’ve completed a round of cold therapy, your muscles will warm up at a natural rate, allowing your tissue to oxygenate thoroughly. As a result, your healing times will shorten and you’ll feel less overall pain.

Read below to learn more about our VPULSE System. When you’re ready to order, fill out our reservation form to the right or call us at 480-894-0360.

System Includes:

1 control unit

2 ice bottles plus tree holder

2 sequential compression therapy calf cuffs

1 thermal compression wrap (choice of knee, shoulder, universal, foot-ankle, hip or back)

1 tubing set

1 wall adapter


Three proven preventative and rehabilitative functions in one convenient device.


Patient-friendly design makes complying with post-operative instructions a snap.


Continuous care from the hospital or surgery center, to self-treatment at home.


Removable data port card records patient compliance and enables physician monitoring.

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